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A Typical Day

7:30AM Time to wake up!
8:00AM Breakfast buffet on the 4th floor restaurant
8:15AM Meet with advisors and student teachers
8:30AM Chinese language classes begin
8:40AM Review homework and assignments
9:15AM Practice reading, writing and comprehension skills
11:30AM Teacher gives out assignments for next class
11:45AM Chinese language classes end
12:30PM Lunch at 4th floor restaurant. 12 Dishes, soup and drinks per table of 8
1:30PM Afternoon culture class or activities begin
3:45PM Afternoon culture class or activities end
4:00PM 1 hour free time to watch TV, go to the store, or go on the campus Internet cafe
5:00PM Dinner at 4th floor restaurant
6:00PM Students gather at hotel lobby to wait for the bus to take them to Laoshe Teahouse
7:30PM Show starts; students enjoy tea and finger foods while watching traditional Chinese performances
10:00PM Meet with student teachers and ask them about the trip next week to Inner Mongolia
11:00PM Time to go to sleep!



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